Skills Training

Skills training provides the opportunities for forest workmen to enhance both their practical skills and knowledge, and includes topics like first aid, environmental issues, daily check and basic maintenance on the machine used by operators for that particular skills set, operator’s responsibilities and job planning.



  • To fulfil the requirements of Section 51(1) of the Forests Ordinance, 2015 (Sarawak, Cap.71) where all timber licensees, contractors and sub-contractors are required to hire only properly trained workmen to carry out logging operations or other forest-related activities,
  • To create awareness on sustainable forest management,
  • To create awareness among operators of safety and health in their occupation, thereby reduce the rate of accident, and
  • To motivate, develop greater sense of self-worth, dignity and well-being of workmen.


The Forests (Trained Workmen) Rules, 2015 (“The Rules”) came into force on 1 July 2015, where all workmen in the forestry industry are required to undergo training in the “prescribed activity” under Section 51(1) of Forests Ordinance 2015 (Sarawak, Cap. 71). Therefore, STA Member Companies are encouraged to nominate their workmen to undergo training for the prescribed activities especially those listed in First Schedule of The Rules.


As at 30 June 2015, our Training Development Programme has trained 180 workmen to be trainers within Member Companies of STA. Some of these trainers are now training operators in their own logging camps.


There are 12 Forestry Activity/Certificates offered by STAT. Each Certificate has its own objectives. The 2 compulsory generic Unit Standards required for all the 12 Forestry Activity/Certificates are:

  • Unit 17769: General Induction to Forest Operations
  • Unit 17772:Demonstrate Knowledge of Environmental Requirements in Forest Operations





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