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Forest Management is becoming increasingly complex as forest industries move towards sustainable management practices and the need to meet multiple objectives from their forestry activities. This is especially so in the tropics. Forest and logging managers are now being called on to deal not only with profitable forest operations, but as well, to deal with difficult environmental and social issues. As a result, developing the appropriate skills to successfully manage logging operations that meet the goals of sustainable tropical forestry, which includes social and environment elements, has become an important requirement for managers in the forest sector.

To meet the skill needs of logging managers, the Sarawak Timber Association and Lincoln University of New Zealand, with assistance from the Forest Department Sarawak and the SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation, have developed a Postgraduate Diploma for managers who will ensure all the forest operations are carried out in accordance with the laws and guidelines set for sustainable forest and plantation management in the logging industry.

The training programme for such a person is incorporated into a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science (Sustainable Tropical Forest Management/ Sustainable Tropical Plantation Management) course which is offered in association with Lincoln University of New Zealand. The Postgraduate Diploma, designed for on-the-job training based on block release, consists of 12 subjects taught over 3 years. Each subject will be taught in Kuching for a week. Students must pass all 12 subjects to be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma by Lincoln University.


STA Sustainable Forest Manager Postgraduate Diploma - 
Sustainable Forest Management
Postgraduate Diploma -
Planted Forest Management

Graduates and Top Students Awards

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science Graduates

Details Cohort 1 Cohort 2 Cohort 3 Cohort 4
Date of start
 21 August 2006  8 September 2008  23 April 2012  9 February 2014
Date of completion  29 August 2008  13 August 2010  7 March 2014 In Progress
No of students  25  15  20  20
No of Students did not complete the course  3  7  -  
Total of Graduates  22  8  20  
Date of Graduation, New Zealand

24 April 2009
(17 Graduates)

 6 May 2011 
(6 Graduates)
 2 May 2014 
(11 Graduates)
Date of Capping in Absentia during
Parchment Presentation Ceremony, Kuching
18 June 2009 
(5 Graduates)
15 February 2012 
(2 Graduates)
 11 April 2015 
(9 Graduates)


Top Student Awards

Details Cohort 1 Cohort 2 Cohort 3 Cohort 4
Top Student Overall for the Class Mr Ling Kwong Hung Mr Tiong Hung Chiong Mr Nelson Bijack
James Chas
Top Student without a First Degree for the Class Mr Ling Ting Sing Mr Kong MukShui Mr Sato Junior Penguang  

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