On 7 August 1971, an inaugural meeting was held at No. 6 Kampung Nyabor Road, Sibu among representatives from three associations, namely the Sarawak First and Second Divisions Sawmillers’ Association, the Fourth Division Timber Merchants’ Association, and the Third Division and Bintulu District Sawmillers’ Association.

Representatives who attended the meeting held on 7 August 1971 were:

Sarawak First and Second Divisions Sawmillers’ Association Fourth Division Timber Merchants’ Association Third Division & Bintulu District Sawmillers’ Association
  • Mr. Yao Ping Choon
  • Mr. Ting Ing Hieng
  • Mr. Lau Hieng Ding
  • Mr. Pui Chin Jang
  • Mr. Chai Ei
  • Mr. Tang Chiok Beng
  • Mr. Siaw Fook Chong
  • Mr. Ting Ing Mieng
  • Mr. Ding Jack Sung
  • Mr. Ling Beng Hung
  • Mr. Chen Chuan Ching

The meeting was convened to explore the possibility of establishing a single body to look after the timber industry’s interest. Quoting a phrase made by the Chairman of this meeting, Mr. Ting Ing Mieng as recorded in the minutes of that meeting:

“the necessity of establishing a united body that will look after the interest of the timber and sawmilling industry and also serve as a vehicle to liaise between the Government and its members, and in many other ways assist members insofar with regards to the law”

After a lengthy discussion, it was unanimously agreed that establishment of such a body was a step in the right direction and would meet a long-felt need. Initially, those who were present in the meeting proposed to name this body “Pan-Sarawak Sawmillers’ Association”. However, after some consideration, it was felt that the proposed name was not appropriate as this body is meant to serve others apart from the sawmilling industry. Eventually, the meeting unanimously agreed to name this body as “Sarawak Timber Association”.

On 7 December 1971, the Registrar of Societies approved Sarawak Timber Association, or STA, in short, as a legal body with the registration number of 66/71 (Sarawak). According to its Constitution at that time, membership was opened only to timber associations, not individual timber company which is registered in Sarawak. The first office of STA was at 3rd Floor, No. 6, Kampong Nyabor, Sibu.

STA Certificate of Registration


First Committee Members of Sarawak Timber Association

Chairman:Mr. Ting Ing Mieng 

Vice-Chairman: Mr. Pui Chin Jang

Honorary Secretary: Mr. Chen Chuan Ching

Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Tiong King Hoon

Committee Members:

Mr. Chai Ei
Mr. Goh Ah Hiong
Mr. Siaw Fook Chong
Mr. Tang Chiong Beng
Mr. Ting Hok Huang
Mr. Ting Ing Hieng
Mr. Yao Ping Choon

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