iTS Timber is an initiative of the Sarawak Timber Association (STA) in providing an exclusive e-platform for STA members to trade logs and timber products among themselves.

Leveraging on digitalisation, iTS Timber aims to establish a one-stop online listing of logs and timber products to trade any stock in hand which is accessible at your finger tips anytime and anywhere. This will then enable STA members to easily locate each other to sell or buy materials in more efficient and cost effective way.

Users can post logs and timber products for sale along with their company and contact information or browse through the list of items offered by other users over a period of 30 days. They can also amalgamate their items with other users in order to facilitate and foster trade transactions.

iTS Timber is a representation of STA's continuous commitment in supporting its members through creative and innovative ways, as well as affirming the call of the Government to move towards digitalisation.

For more enquiries, please contact our support team Ms Miriam Hong at