STA Training Sdn Bhd

In 1996, the Sarawak Timber Association (STA) started a training programme for chainsaw operators which was managed by its Technical and Research Division. With the recruitment of the late Mr. Jean Mato, a Forest Industries Training and Educational Council (FITEC) registered trainer from New Zealand, STA started its first training for chainsaw operators in August 1996. This innovative programme was drawn up for training tree-felling operators in logging camps throughout Sarawak. Since then training requirements have grown significantly.

As such, STA Training Sdn Bhd (STAT), a subsidiary company of STA, was incorporated on 26 March 2002 mainly to take over the training functions of STA to ensure forestry workers employed by Member Companies of STA can comply with the then Section 54B of the Forests Ordinance, 1958 which is now Section 51(1) after passing of the Forests Ordinance, 2015 on 19 May 2015. This Section, passed by the State Legislative Assembly at its sitting on 31 October 2001, requires all logging companies (as Employers) to hire properly trained workmen to carry out forestry activities, including harvesting operations.

Since then, STAT has been working closely with the State Government through the Forest Department Sarawak (FDS) to implement an integrated training system for the State. STAT currently has a staff strength of 11 and manages 2 programmes namely:

  1. Research and Development
  2. Training - Management Training, Skills Training


STAT also aims: 

  • To promote education and training related to forestry and forest management,
  • To undertake and transact all kinds of business related to the gathering and distribution of knowledge, and of information of every sort or kind relating to forestry and forest management, and
  • To co-operate with and to provide financial assistance to educational establishments or institutions for setting up courses related to forestry and forest management.

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