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STA dan Rakan2 is a monthly publication which has been published and distributed since July 1998. The STA dan Rakan2 disseminates information on technical and training matters to both STA Members and associates in Government agencies.

The online issues of STA dan Rakan2 will only be posted on this site two weeks after the printed versions have been circulated, while the latest issue of STA dan Rakan2 is only available to paid subscribers. To subscribe, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at 082 - 332 222.

                                                         STA dan Rakan2 2019

STA & Rakan2   Jan 2019 (Issue 247) 1    STA & Rakan2   Feb 2019 (Issue 248) 1  STA & Rakan2   Mar 2019 (Issue 249) 1
January   February  March
 STA & Rakan2   Apr 2019 (Issue 250) 1   Copy    STA & Rakan2   May 2019 (Issue 251) 1  STA & Rakan2   Jun 2019 (Issue 252) 1
 April    May June
 STA & Rakan2   Jul 2019 (Issue 253) 1   STA & Rakan2   Aug 2019 (Issue 254) 1   
 July    August  



STA dan Rakan2 - Archived Issues

A full collection of STA dan Rakan2 since 2008 can be obtained here.



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